WWE Rumor Roundup: Big Name’s Likely to make a Major Return in Coming Days! OMG Good Old Days Coming Back.

WWE Rumor Roundup: Big Name’s Likely to make a Major Return in Coming Days! OMG Good Old Days Coming Back.

Greetings, and welcome to the most recent release of the daily WWE Rumor Roundup. Our objective is to present you with the most significant rumors and developments from the sports entertainment world. In today’s edition, we’ll be exploring some exciting stories surrounding notable figures like Vince McMahon, CM Punk, and Drew McIntyre.

The wrestling community has been abuzz with rumors since reports emerged that CM Punk was present backstage during RAW this week. Punk has not appeared on WWE television since his departure from the company eight years ago. He joined AEW in 2021, but he has been absent from television following his altercation with The Elite backstage at All Out.

#3. CM Punk:

In an unexpected turn of events, it has been reported that former WWE star, CM Punk, was asked to leave the backstage area of Monday Night RAW. According to PWInsider, Punk briefly met with Triple H and some other talents, including The Miz, before being dismissed.

The reason behind his dismissal was allegedly due to his contractual obligations with rival wrestling company, All Elite Wrestling, and a decision made by Vince McMahon.

This incident has sparked speculation about a potential return of the Second City Saint to WWE, a topic that has long been discussed by wrestling enthusiasts. However, given Punk’s current commitments to AEW, it seems doubtful that he will make a comeback to the company anytime soon.

Regardless, this occurrence emphasizes the ongoing competition between wrestling companies and the intricate nature of their relationships and contractual obligations within the industry. It also adds an intriguing new layer to the longstanding feud between CM Punk and Vince McMahon.

#2. Drew McIntyre:

Exciting news for fans as reports suggest that former World Champion, Drew McIntyre, will make a return to the WWE after a few weeks of absence, according to Dave Meltzer. McIntyre has been away from WWE programming since WrestleMania 39, where he battled against Sheamus and Gunther. His absence was a cause for concern among fans as the reason for it was undisclosed.

The announcement of McIntyre’s return has been highly anticipated, and fans have been speculating about his potential comeback on social media. As one of the company’s top stars in recent years, McIntyre has won the WWE Championship twice and has been a constant presence on SmackDown.

Despite the undisclosed details of his health issues, his imminent return is a testament to his strength and perseverance, and fans are eagerly anticipating his comeback. There were rumors that he may not return due to contract negotiation issues, but that is not the case.

#1. Goldberg in AEW??

There have been rumors circulating about the possibility of Goldberg, a former Universal and WCW World Heavyweight Champion, appearing on AEW television. Dave Meltzer has indicated that Tony Khan, the President of All Elite, is interested in featuring Goldberg on their programming. However, the wrestler’s asking price is apparently too high.

Meltzer reports that while under contract with WWE, Goldberg was reportedly making two million dollars per match in Saudi Arabia, and this price is not feasible for AEW.

Goldberg’s status as a Hall of Famer and a former champion has made him a valuable asset to wrestling companies. Nonetheless, his steep asking price could prevent him from appearing on AEW television.

Goldberg’s contract with WWE ended in March 2023, freeing him up to explore other opportunities. However, it remains to be seen where he will end up next.

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