Why Rhea Ripley Won & Why Dominik Mysterio Lost at WWE Backlash 2023?? Shocking News of the Day.

Why Rhea Ripley Won & Why Dominik Mysterio Lost at WWE Backlash 2023?? Shocking News of the Day.

The much-anticipated WWE Backlash 2023 has come to an end, leaving fans with the final results of the night’s exciting matches. Among the highlights of the event was the SmackDown Women’s Championship match between Rhea Ripley and Zelina Vega, where two fierce competitors from the LWO and Judgment Day squared off. Ultimately, Rhea Ripley emerged victorious, claiming the championship title. However, a recent development has shed new light on the reason behind her win, and unfortunately, it is not good news for Zelina Vega.

In a shocking turn of events, it has been revealed that Zelina Vega was dealing with a personal tragedy during the match, which may have affected her performance. Although details are still unclear, sources indicate that Vega received distressing news before the match, which understandably impacted her emotional state. Despite this, she showed remarkable strength and resilience, giving her all in the ring against Ripley. Unfortunately, it was not enough to secure a win, but Vega’s courage and determination are worthy of admiration.

On the other hand, another wrestler who had a rough weekend at Backlash was Dominik Mysterio, son of wrestling legend Rey Mysterio. In a disappointing turn of events, Dominik lost to his father on SmackDown and was further humiliated the next night by new LWO members Carlito and Savio Vega. Understandably, Mysterio is feeling upset and frustrated after the events of the weekend, and he is reportedly blaming his girlfriend, Rhea Ripley, for his misfortunes.

While the details of their relationship are unknown, it is clear that Dominik is struggling to come to terms with his recent losses and is looking for someone to blame. Whether or not Ripley played a role in his defeats is unclear, but it is important to remember that wrestling is a highly competitive and unpredictable sport, and sometimes even the best wrestlers can suffer losses. It remains to be seen how this situation will play out, but fans are surely eager to see what happens next in the exciting world of WWE.

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