Shocking: PSG’s Star Neymar ‘Spends Night with Stunning Blonde’ After Bonding over Tattoos?? OMG

Shocking: PSG’s Star Neymar ‘Spends Night with Stunning Blonde’ After Bonding over Tattoos?? OMG

Liza Brito, a 20-year-old Swiss blonde, has claimed that she spent the night with the well-known football star Neymar after they bonded over their shared interest in body art. According to Liza, she and Neymar were conversing about their tattoos before they ended up spending the night together in a Paris hotel. While Liza’s supposed romance with the Paris Saint-Germain forward has made headlines, it has reportedly left Neymar feeling angry.

Swiss media outlets have quoted Liza as saying, “Yes, I spent the night with him.” She went on to explain that she was in Paris with colleagues when Neymar’s best friend called and invited them to a hotel. After having dinner together, they allegedly had a good time and “bonded over tattoos.”

However, Brazilian media has reported that Liza posted photos of Neymar’s home online on February 21, the same evening she spent the night with him. But Liza has refuted these claims, stating that the paparazzi followed them to Neymar’s home.

According to reports, Liza and Neymar have unfollowed each other on social media platforms because Neymar is upset that Liza spilled the beans about their tryst. Despite this, Liza has expressed interest in seeing the sportsman for a second round, saying, “I would like to see him again.”

It is worth noting that Neymar was also seen with a Brazilian singer during the Rio Carnival, which sparked rumors of a romance. The player and pop star Anitta were photographed kissing in a VIP area. However, Anitta has denied any developing romance and stated that they are just good friends.

According to Swiss reports, Liza and Neyмar have both unfollowed each other on social media after he got upset with her for revealing details about their night together. Despite this, Liza has expressed her desire to meet the footballer again for a second round.

In the meantime, Neyмar was recently seen with Brazilian singer Anitta during the Rio Carnival, sparking rumors of a budding romance. Photographs of the two kissing in a VIP area only added fuel to the speculation.

However, Anitta has dismissed these rumors, claiming that she and Neyмar are simply good friends. She stated that they have been friends for many years and that her presence in the same group as Neyмar’s ex-girlfriend, Marquezine, was only because her press advisor is a friend of Marquezine’s.

Anitta also clarified that she earns her own money and will not stop going out with her friends because of what people say. Finally, she emphasized that the rumors of her and Neyмar being together are completely false and that nothing happened between them.

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