Shocking News: WWE’s Roman Reigns Title Reign Plans Revealed! OMG

Shocking News: WWE’s Roman Reigns Title Reign Plans Revealed! OMG

In recent times, WWE hasn’t seen a world champion hold their title for as long as Roman Reigns has. Reigns has established himself as the company’s top villain and quite possibly the most prominent figure in the entire pro wrestling industry.

WWE seems to be interested in updating their record books, as Reigns is about to achieve an incredible feat of holding the WWE Universal Championship for nearly 1,000 days after defeating Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 39.

Roman Reigns, who is soon to turn 38, has already held the WWE Championship for almost 400 days after defeating Brock Lesnar at last year’s WrestleMania. He is now approaching a remarkable milestone of 1,000 days as WWE Universal Champion following his recent successful defense against Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 39.

Andrew Zarian commented on a tweet by Jim Valley, which suggested that Reigns could potentially break Hulk Hogan’s record of 1,474 days as the third-longest world champion reign of all time, behind only Bruno Sammartino and Bob Backlund.

Zarian believes that the introduction of the new WWE World Heavyweight title is an indication that Reigns is expected to hold the championship for much longer than 1,000 days and could even surpass Hogan’s record, and he gives reasons for his prediction.

Zarian stated that WWE has a strong interest in having new talents break the long-standing records. For instance, The Usos and The New Day have recently surpassed Demolition’s tag team champions record, and Gunther is expected to exceed Honky Tonk Man’s tenure as Intercontinental Champion. Zarian also mentioned that WWE is looking to update its history books with longer title reigns, as he has been informed multiple times.

Fans Divided, Reigns’ Championship Endures:

Despite some fans expressing dissatisfaction with Cody Rhodes’ recent title retention, he continues to be considered a potential contender to end Roman Reigns’ title reign. However, due to recent draft selections separating both wrestlers into different brands, Reigns is expected to maintain his undisputed championship status for a while. So who will challenge him next?

According to a report from Xero News, WWE plans to launch 1,000-day branded merchandise for Roman Reigns, coinciding with the Night of Champions event. The report also suggests that Reigns’ next title defense will occur at the upcoming Saudi show, with AJ Styles expected to be his next challenger.

Styles returned to WWE SmackDown’s Draft Night with his clan, and he is expected to face off against Reigns for the championship. It’s important to note that Reigns is set to surpass the veteran’s combined days as a world champion, which is currently at 510 days. Within two weeks, The Tribal Chief will also secure a spot in the top ten list of combined days as a champion, overtaking legendary wrestlers such as Randy Savage and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

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