Shocking News: Is The Bloodline breaking up? Latest Rumours What Roman Reigns Return Can Lead to.

Shocking News: Is The Bloodline breaking up? Latest Rumours What Roman Reigns Return Can Lead to.

Although Roman Reigns has been absent from WWE programming since the RAW episode following WrestleMania 39, tension within The Bloodline has been growing more evident. As the current WWE Universal Champion, Reigns has taken a scheduled break and was not involved in the WWE Backlash event.

However, he is set to return in the upcoming episode of WWE SmackDown, which could have some significant developments. Reigns’ return has the potential to be an exciting affair. Along with possibly announcing his next challenger for Night of Champions, the night may end up being more consequential.

Recent weeks have seen Reigns at odds with The Usos. The twins had a chance to regain The Head of the Table’s trust by winning back the Undisputed Tag Team Championships on the opening night of the WWE Draft, but they fell short.

As the leader of The Bloodline, Roman Reigns’ return could bring some much-needed clarity to the faction’s future. The tension between Reigns and The Usos may escalate, leading to a possible split or even an addition to the group. Either way, WWE fans can expect an exciting episode of SmackDown with Reigns back in action.

The recent consecutive losses of The Usos against Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens may result in some trouble for the faction, as Roman Reigns has been noticeably absent during this time. The Tribal Chief’s return to WWE SmackDown could lead to an explosive confrontation with Jey and Jimmy, who have failed to regain their position in the tag team division.

While it is unlikely that Reigns would immediately kick his cousins out of The Bloodline, tensions have been simmering for a while and may result in another edition of The Tribal Court. The future of The Usos in the faction could be decided in this meeting.

It is possible that WWE will continue to create a divide between The Usos and the rest of The Bloodline before eventually leading to a split in the stable. Fans can expect some drama and twists as the storyline unfolds in the coming weeks.

Roman Reigns is Closing to 1000-day Reign as Champion:

Roman Reigns has been dominating the WWE as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion, amassing some massive wins over the biggest names in the company over the last couple of years. As of May 27, 2023, Reigns is nearing an incredible milestone – 1,000 days as WWE Champion.

Recently, wrestling veteran Kevin Nash weighed in on Roman’s nearing 1,000-day reign. Nash feels that with such an impressive record, Reigns must complete the 1,000 days as WWE Champion, even if he’s not feeling his best. Nash likened it to Cal Ripken Jr., who famously played in 2,632 consecutive baseball games despite injuries.

Nash emphasized that Reigns is currently the top guy in WWE and possesses the “cool factor” that appeals to audiences. He also stated that a company’s success is often measured by the success of its top performer, making Reigns WWE’s “money guy.”

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