Ronaldo in Big Trouble as Many Fan’s Reacting Very Harshly on the Movie “I am Georgina”. OMG Sad.

Ronaldo in Big Trouble as Many Fan’s Reacting Very Harshly on the Movie “I am Georgina”. OMG Sad.

According to reports from Spanish media outlets Marca and El Fu bolero, the Netflix documentary “I Am Georgina” has been met with strong reactions from many fans who feel that the film has distorted the truth about the life of Georgina Rodriguez, the girlfriend of famed soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo.

The documentary, which has been released in two parts, gained popularity on Netflix, but its second installment has sparked controversy. Critics have claimed that the authenticity of the first part has disappeared, replaced with an overly flattering portrayal of Ronaldo’s girlfriend in the sequel.

El Fu bolero newspaper reports that some fans have questioned the authenticity of the show, considering it scripted and no longer a true representation of Georgina’s life. Her lavish lifestyle and relationship with Ronaldo have made her a celebrity, but her actions and words are causing controversy.

Georgina’s former colleagues have also come forward, claiming that many things depicted in the documentary are not true to life, including the alleged flirtation between Ronaldo and Georgina at the store where she used to work.

Pablo Bone, who worked with Georgina at a Gucci store in Madrid, Spain, before she became famous, spoke to Minuto El Cancha, saying that he had seen Ronaldo several times in the store, but he had not witnessed any romantic interaction between him and Georgina. He believes that many of the stories circulating about their meeting have been exaggerated.

Meanwhile, according to Marca, Georgina’s filming for the documentary seems to be making Ronaldo angry. The leading Spanish newspaper suggests that Ronaldo feels his girlfriend is becoming more and more self-centered and not caring enough about his feelings in their relationship.

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