Ronaldo Got a Partner at Al Nassr??Al Nassr Negotiates with Modric With Unbelievable Deal. OMG

Ronaldo Got a Partner at Al Nassr??Al Nassr Negotiates with Modric With Unbelievable Deal. OMG

At a time when rumors have been circulating about the possibility of Cristiano Ronaldo and Modric reuniting, Al Nassr, a club in the Saudi Pro League, is reportedly monitoring the situation with the Croatian midfielder in Madrid.

Despite establishing himself as one of the best central midfielders of his generation by winning a total of 22 titles while playing for Los Blancos since moving from Tottenham Hotspur in 2012 for a transfer fee of 35 million euros, Modric’s contract with Real Madrid will not be renewed following the conclusion of the current season.

As neither party has been able to reach an agreement on a new contract, it is unclear whether or not the Croatian will be able to continue playing at the Santiago Bernabeu. In the meantime, Al Nassr is eager to “seduce” Modric into playing in the Middle East, as his contract situation is currently favorable to them.

According to recent reports, there are rumors that 37-year-old soccer player Luka Modric may be open to playing alongside Cristiano Ronaldo again, despite his previous statements about finishing his career with Real Madrid. It has been revealed that Modric intends to travel to Saudi Arabia in order to discuss the possibility of a transfer with Al-Nassr.

Modric and Al-Nassr are planning to meet later this week to discuss the situation, and it seems that Modric’s desire to play for the club in Riyadh is growing stronger, as evidenced by his willingness to travel to a faraway country in Asia. It is unclear at this time whether or not Al-Nassr will be successful in convincing Modric to play for them during the upcoming summer.

It should be noted that Modric is currently away with the Croatian national team, competing in an international competition while the FIFA tournament is taking place. Zlatko Dalic and his squad are currently competing in a qualifying match for the UEFA European Football Championship 2024 against Wales, and they are currently tied 1-1 with Wales in the 93rd and final minute of the match.

If Modric does end up playing for Al-Nassr, the fact that he will be reuniting with Cristiano Ronaldo is sure to pique the interest of fans from the Middle East, as this is a highly anticipated matchup.

According to reliable sources, the next match for the Croatian team has been scheduled to take place on March 29th against Turkey. During the break between games, Luka Modric and Al-Nassr discussed upcoming matches with each other.

Despite rumors linking him to a move to Saudi Arabia, Luka Modric insists that he would prefer to retire at Real Madrid rather than anywhere else. When asked about whether he planned to continue playing with Los Blancos, he replied, “My desire has always been clear. My objective is to keep working for Real Madrid. That happening is something I have faith in, and it’s something I really hope happens.”

It is still unclear whether Modric can be persuaded to play for Al-Nassr alongside Cristiano Ronaldo, but this is something that needs to be determined. During their time in Madrid, the two of them played in 222 matches together, and Modric scored 16 goals. This fact should also be mentioned.

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