“Remove your Fu*king Hands from my Girlfriend.” When Brock Lesnar Shouted & Fight Backstage with WWE Legend!

“Remove your Fu*king Hands from my Girlfriend.” When Brock Lesnar Shouted & Fight Backstage with WWE Legend!

Kenny Bolin, a veteran wrestler, shared his account of an altercation he had with WWE superstar Brock Lesnar, reportedly over Lesnar’s girlfriend. Lesnar had been part of OVW, WWE’s developmental brand, for a couple of years before his main roster debut on SmackDown in 2002.

Bolin recalled the incident during an interview on Story Time with Dutch Mantell, where he explained that Lesnar’s girlfriend would usually greet him with a hug and a kiss on the cheek backstage. However, on one occasion when Bolin was sweaty, he gave her an “air hug” and “air kisses” instead.

Lesnar walked in shortly after, having just finished breaking down the ring with other wrestlers, and was apparently displeased with what he saw. This led to a physical altercation between Bolin and Lesnar, which Bolin described in detail during the interview.

When Brock Lesnar walked in on him with his arms around Lesnar’s girlfriend and giving her air kisses, Lesnar got angry and used explicit language to tell him to remove his hands from his girlfriend. Bolin tried to defuse the situation and told Lesnar that there was no problem and he didn’t want any trouble. However, Lesnar persisted and threatened Bolin, warning him to never touch his girlfriend again or he would physically harm him. Bolin recalled the incident in detail during an interview, including the exchange of words between himself and Lesnar.

Despite Bolin’s attempts to clarify that he had not physically touched Lesnar’s girlfriend, the wrestler persisted in threatening the OVW manager with warnings.

Bolin tried to explain to Lesnar that he had not physically touched his girlfriend and was sweating heavily, but Lesnar continued to threaten him with violence. Chris, who was present during the altercation, was worried that things would escalate. Lesnar’s girlfriend then spoke up, confirming that Bolin had not touched her. However, Lesnar responded by calling her a derogatory name and shoving Bolin. Despite the shove, Bolin did not fall, but instead took a few steps back and questioned Lesnar’s behavior. Bolin recounted this entire incident during the interview, including the actions and words of Lesnar, his girlfriend, and Chris.

Brock Lesnar Retreated when Another Ex-WWE Star Arrived:

As tensions rose between Brock Lesnar and Kenny Bolin, Chris Bolin hurried to the locker room and fetched Sylvester Terkay, a former WWE Superstar. However, when Terkay confronted Lesnar, the wrestler retreated from the situation.

Bolin recounted this incident and Lesnar’s confrontation with Terkay during his interview with Story Time with Dutch Mantell.

When Terkay approached Lesnar and offered to fight him, Lesnar simply looked at him and left without further confrontation. Bolin noted that Terkay’s bravery in standing up to Lesnar caused the wrestler to back down, despite his reputation as a formidable opponent.

After the altercation between Lesnar and Bolin, Jim Cornette, who was working as a trainer in OVW, advised Lesnar to apologize to Bolin. Subsequently, Bolin received a phone call from Lesnar, during which the wrestler apologized for his behavior and warned him not to touch his girlfriend again.

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