Neymar Gives Shocking Statement About the Tension Between Messi & Him – PSG! OMG

Neymar Gives Shocking Statement About the Tension Between Messi & Him – PSG! OMG

In the midst of growing tensions, Brazilian striker Neymar is reported to have added fuel to the fire by liking a message that criticized PSG fans. The fans had gathered at the team’s headquarters to protest against Lionel Messi and had also gone to Neymar’s home to ask him to leave the team.

In response, a post appeared on social media that seemed to criticize the group of fans. Neymar’s social media account liked this post, and he also personally posted a message saying, “Don’t let people push you into their storm, let your peace invade them.”

Neymar is a top-class player but has been plagued by physical problems throughout his career. On February 19, the 31-year-old star suffered a serious injury that required him to go under the knife and rest for the rest of the season.

Statistics show that Neymar has missed more than 100 matches since arriving at Parc des Princes in 2017 due to various problems. Therefore, PSG fans have a reason to be frustrated with Neymar.

Neymar’s contract at PSG is valid until the summer of 2025. The “rich guy” of French football is reportedly ready to sell the 31-year-old striker if the price is right. The liquidation of Neymar in the summer is also aimed at balancing the PSG salary fund.

The Brazilian striker receives 40 million euros per season, which can be considered disproportionate to what he contributes to the French club. Le Parisien believes that Neymar’s price tag could reach 90 million euros. The reason is that the contract between PSG and the former Barcelona star is still valid until 2025.

In addition, the teams also have to spend a large amount of money to pay the star’s salary. And Neymar himself certainly does not want to reduce his salary if he leaves Parc des Princes.

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