Jason Statham’s Diet and Workout Plan

Jason Statham’s Diet and Workout Plan

The workout and diet plan of Jason Statham is not a fixed routine but rather a set of constantly evolving training programs. However, this does not mean that his approach towards fitness lacks discipline. He is known to be a dedicated athlete who works out up to six days a week and is consistent with his training. Statham’s MMA training background informs his outlook on everything, including his diet and fitness regimen. He has maintained a healthy physique throughout his career, from his early days as a footballer and diver to his current roles in movies such as Death Race and Furious 7. At the age of 51, he is equally muscular and agile, a figure any man half his age would want to possess.

Jason Stathaм Diet and Workoutplan

According to his former trainer Logan Hood, Statham’s exercise programs are specific to his internal and external factors, such as sleeping patterns and movie roles. Despite this, his diet and workout plan are intense, and he focuses on preserving lean muscle mass and keeping his metabolism high.

Jason Stathaм

Statham’s diet consists of healthy food like nuts, oats, fish, and chicken, with a significant amount of protein. He also eats steamed vegetables, brown rice, and miso soup.

Healthy Diet

Statham estimates that around 95% of the food he consumes is healthy, but he allows for occasional indulgences like chocolate. He consumes sugary or starchy foods during the day so that the calories can burn off before he goes to bed. He avoids fried foods and drinks at least three liters of water daily.

Jason Stathaм working out

For breakfast, Statham eats fresh fruits like pineapples and strawberries, oats, and poached eggs. For lunch, he eats brown rice, steamed vegetables, and miso soup. For snacks, he eats all-natural peanut butter and nuts. Statham dropped 17 pounds in the past and has been mostly skin and muscle ever since. His secret to his healthy physique is his intense dedication to his workout and diet plan.

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