“How tf did Black Adam cost that much?”: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Patrick Shriver Disses Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s $393M Disaster Movie That Sank Henry Cavill

“How tf did Black Adam cost that much?”: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Patrick Shriver Disses Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s $393M Disaster Movie That Sank Henry Cavill

Before James Gunn and Peter Safran came to the office, Dwayne Johnson was adamant about building the DC universe revolving around his Black Adam, which didn’t end up being the case. Despite Johnson’s enormous efforts in making his movie succeed and even bringing back Henry Cavill to ensure its success, the movie itself wasn’t good enough to keep fans returning to the theatres.

But with another DC entry inching toward its release, which might be one of the most crucial films for DC in years (The Flash), its reported budget is substantially lower than The Rock’s Black Adam. And following this report, not only fans but Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son, Patrick Shriver too is stunned by it.

Patrick Shriver was stunned by the reported budget of Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam 

Despite being the son of one of the highest-paid actors of all time, Patrick Shriver was baffled by the recent reports regarding the budget of Dwayne Johnson‘s ambitious project, Black Adam. Unlike fans, who were left bewildered by the fact that The Flash reportedly cost lower than Black Adam, despite its enormous scale, Shriver was perplexed how Black Adam cost that much money.

Although the reports surrounding the actual budget of Black Adam are not yet official, they claim that it reportedly cost around $260 million, making it one of the most expensive DC films. However, Shriver being bewildered by the enormous budget makes sense, considering the movie was nothing like Dwayne Johnson claimed it to be. And his desire to fight Superman not only tanked the movie but also became one of the reasons behind Shazam 2‘s failure.

Black Adam (2022)

The live-action remake of Moana might be Dwayne Johnson’s way of dealing with Black Adam‘s failure

Following his exit from the DC universe with his ambitious plans of fighting Superman out of the window, Dwayne Johnson has now settled on another project to get his career back on track. Following Disney’s practice of relying on remakes of their classic stories, Dwayne Johnson is now set to star in the live-action retelling of the critically acclaimed Moana, which too stared him at the forefront. The actor revealed the decision by stating,

“We are so excited and happy to announce that a live-action reimagining of ‘Moana’ is in the works. Moana, Gramma Tala, the music, the dance, Te Fiti, Pua the pig, the village, the beautiful, powerful ocean, and one more, oh, yours truly, Heihei, the chicken, kidding, Heihei’s gonna be in it, but of course, Maui will be in it too,”

Dwayne Johnson

However, this decision has garnered mixed responses, as fans criticized Disney for their lazy formula of settling down for remakes. Fans have also speculated that it is Johnson’s way of dealing with the failure of Black Adam, which has taken a toll on his enormous career.

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