Dwayne Johnson And Kevin Hart – Hollywood’s “comedy duo” hit the big screen – and their totally unexpected comeback combination

Dwayne Johnson And Kevin Hart – Hollywood’s “comedy duo” hit the big screen – and their totally unexpected comeback combination

In a seemingly unrelated pairing, The Rock (also known as Dwayne Johnson) and Kevin Hart have been evaluated as the best couple on the Hollywood screen for many years. Their collaboration began in 2016, and since then, they have participated in a number of movie titles together, scoring with their natural humorous “juggling” and becoming a shining spot to help projects succeed. Before deciding to appear together in the first animated project of the DC superhero universe, DC League of Super Pets, The Rock and Kevin Hart “sprung” onto the big screen through superheroes.

Before meeting Kevin Hart, Dwayne Johnson, or The Rock, as he is commonly known, was a WWE professional wrestler. His achievements and recognition in the ring gave him the opportunity to enter Hollywood. Thanks to his imposing appearance, The Rock quickly became an action star through many blockbusters such as The Scorpion King, The Mummy Returns, Tooth Fairy, and the Fast & Furious franchise. Soon, he will be starring as DC’s Black Adam.

At the age of 50, The Rock consistently ranks in the top 20 of the most powerful stars in the world and commands the highest salary level in Hollywood.

Before meeting The Rock, Kevin Hart had a challenging journey to success. Originally a stand-up comedian, Kevin Hart struggled to find his breakthrough. Fortunately, his first cameo appearance in the TV series Undeclared helped the actor catch the eye of Hollywood filmmakers, thanks to his natural sense of humor. He went on to participate in comedies such as Scary Movie, Superhero Movie, This Is the End, and Ride Along.

Besides acting, Kevin Hart also has charm in music, as evidenced by his Grammy-nominated album. While not a “millionaire” actor like The Rock, Kevin Hart is still globally famous, and his name guarantees the success of most comedy projects he participates in.

The Rock and Kevin Hart were first paired together in the film Central Intelligence. In the movie, Kevin Hart plays Calvin, a character who is always serious, while The Rock portrays his partner Bob, who is lively and mischievous. This personality swap made the film popular and officially created an interesting new “match” on the Hollywood screen.

The duo reunited in the Jumanji series, taking on the theme of fantasy and adventure while maintaining a humorous element. Once again, the chemistry between Kevin Hart and The Rock became the center of attention, whether through their witty banter or moments where Kevin Hart had to trust his life to his great friend. Not only in the movies but also in real life, during press conferences or movie premieres for Jumanji, The Rock and Kevin Hart made people laugh with their funny actions and gestures. The Rock himself confessed that Jumanji was the movie that made him realize Kevin Hart was a great and sincere best friend.

Apart from filming adventurous movies together, The Rock and Kevin Hart have also been invited to participate in dubbing cartoons. DC League of Super Pets is the third official film project in which these two Hollywood cult actors play the main roles. In the film, The Rock voices Krypto, Superman’s super white dog, while Kevin Hart becomes Ace, Batman’s super cool dog.

Right from the trailer, the audience couldn’t help but laugh at the exchanges between Krypto and Ace. Kevin Hart continues to excel in his role of throwing comedic lines, voicing Ace with an “unchanging” face. On the contrary, Krypto is somewhat more serious but occasionally “falls down” at the indecent behavior of his friend Ace in the midst of superheroes in danger.


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