‘Dream Chaser’ Decoding Neymar’s Most Amazing & Meaningful Tattoo’s Collection.

‘Dream Chaser’ Decoding Neymar’s Most Amazing & Meaningful Tattoo’s Collection.

Neymar has an extensive collection of tattoos, including portraits of his family members, and he recently introduced his fans to a new portrait tattoo of his mother, which he drew himself.

After scoring two goals in a win against Las Palmas, Neymar removed his jersey to display the tattoo.

Pep Guardiola, the head coach of Manchester City, suggested that Chelsea should be patient with their manager Graham Potter and give him more time to work with the team.

Guardiola noted that not all managers are fortunate enough to have a player like Lionel Messi on their roster, and emphasized the importance of patience in the first season.

Guardiola praised Potter for his work at Brighton, and highlighted his contribution to Chelsea’s improved performance in the second half of their match against Manchester City. Guardiola has great respect for Messi and believes he is the best player in the history of the sport.

However, Chelsea fans are frustrated with their team’s recent underperformance, and have been chanting the name of their former coach Thomas Tuchel.

Despite this, Chelsea’s American owners have no plans to fire Potter, as they believe he inherited a team with many limitations and needs more time to revive the club.



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