After Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’ Laid the Groundwork, James Gunn Confirms Marvel/DC Crossover Liƙkely Happening “in About 10 Years”

After Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’ Laid the Groundwork, James Gunn Confirms Marvel/DC Crossover Liƙkely Happening “in About 10 Years”

When comparing the worlds of comic books, two of the most well-known and popular options that stand out are Marvel and DC Comics. Fans of both universes have always hoped for the epic battles and team-ups between superheroes from both Marvel and DC. While a crossover between the two seemed like a pipe dream, recent comments from James Gunn, a prominent figure in the comic book movie industry, make it sound like it’s not as far-fetched as previously thought.

Before James Gunn pondered the Marvel/DC crossover, Dwayne Johnson, known for his role as Black Adam, made some intriguing headlines regarding the possibility of a DC versus Marvel war. In a conversation with iHeartRadio, Johnson expressed his admiration for both entities and even mentioned the idea of a “Harley Quinn and Groot movie.” He revealed that he has discussed this idea with the heads of both Marvel and DC, emphasizing that everyone is open to everything, but whether it will ever happen remains uncertain.

However, since Marvel is owned by Disney and DC Comics is under the responsibility of Warner Bros., there could potentially be a major roadblock to a crossover between the two franchises. If the universes were to collaborate, it would require a lengthy and likely contentious negotiation process between the two companies.

Another challenge lies in the fact that Marvel and DC have distinct tones and aesthetics. Marvel films tend to be lighter and funnier, while DC films lean toward a more serious and dark tone. Successfully combining these two universes would require a talented creative team to find a balance that pleases the fans.

Legal and economic implications must also be considered. Before a crossover between Marvel and DC could occur, the licensing agreements and intellectual property rights would need to be resolved.

For decades, fans have dreamed of a Marvel/DC crossover, speculating on how it would happen and which characters would participate. Despite their fans’ wishes, the two comic book giants have never collaborated on a feature film. However, James Gunn’s recent statements suggest that this may change in the future.

Director James Gunn, known for his work on films for both Marvel and DC, has hinted at a potential crossover between the two franchises. In an interview with Deadline Hollywood, Gunn mentioned that it would take about 10 years before a Marvel/DC crossover could become a reality. He expressed his belief that it could be something cool, but it would require time, considering the other DC movies that need to be told.

In a Marvel and DC crossover, fans could expect to witness showdowns between some of the most well-known heroes from both universes. Imagining battles like Superman versus Thor or Batman versus Iron Man is what fans have been eagerly waiting for. Additionally, heroes from each universe may join forces, with the Justice League and the Avengers teaming up to defeat a common foe. The Dark Knight and the Web-Slinger could also collaborate to solve a crime in Gotham City.

The crossover could take various forms, such as the Amalgam comics, which combined elements of both universes to create new characters. Alternatively, a comedic crossover between the characters from both worlds is also a possibility.

While the idea of a Marvel/DC crossover generates excitement among fans, it remains to be seen if the creative, legal, and economic challenges can be overcome to make this dream collaboration a reality.

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