$31M Movie Made Jason Statham Reject $6.6 Billion Fast & Furious Franchise, Forced Vin Diesel to Introduce Him in a Cameo

$31M Movie Made Jason Statham Reject $6.6 Billion Fast & Furious Franchise, Forced Vin Diesel to Introduce Him in a Cameo

Jason Statham has been a significant and recurring character in the Fast & Furious franchise, portraying the role of Deckard Shaw, an MI6 agent turned anti-hero in the film series. Known for his action-packed performances, Statham has appeared as Deckard Shaw in five Fast & Furious movies, including the 2019 spin-off film Hobbs & Shaw, in which he starred alongside Dwayne Johnson.

Interestingly, if it weren’t for a packed schedule, Statham might have ended up playing the role of Deckard Shaw’s brother in the movies. In Fast & Furious 6, directed by Justin Lin, fans were introduced to Owen Shaw as the primary antagonist. Owen Shaw, portrayed by Luke Evans, is a highly skilled criminal seeking revenge against Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto and his crew. However, the role of Owen Shaw was initially offered to Jason Statham before it was given to Luke Evans.

At the time, Statham was already committed to another action/thriller film titled Parker, directed by Taylor Hackford and co-starring Jennifer Lopez. The scheduling conflict prevented the 55-year-old actor from taking up the offer to portray Owen Shaw, despite the allure of the opportunity.

Nevertheless, Vin Diesel, who was eager to collaborate with Statham, managed to find a middle ground. Diesel, also a co-producer, used his authority to bring Statham on board for a cameo appearance as Deckard Shaw in the 2013 film. This decision allowed Statham to become part of the Fast & Furious franchise, albeit in a different role than originally intended. Ultimately, Owen Shaw was played by Luke Evans.

While Hobbs & Shaw, released in 2019, marked Statham’s most recent appearance in the Fast & Furious franchise, fans can look forward to seeing more of the gritty anti-hero in the upcoming Fast 10. However, Statham’s reprisal of the role has been met with controversy due to the ongoing feud between The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) and Vin Diesel. Statham, wanting to remain neutral and avoid exacerbating the already heated situation, chose not to pick sides in the conflict. Nonetheless, some fans perceive his return for Fast 10 as an act of betrayal against Dwayne Johnson.

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