Sami Zayn Reveals Brutal Photo After WWE Elimination Chamber Match! Shocking.

Sami Zayn Reveals Brutal Photo After WWE Elimination Chamber Match! Shocking.

It was a rollercoaster night for WWE’s Sami Zayn at Elimination Chamber, and he has the scars to prove it. Those who tuned into the event know that Zayn was clearly the hometown favorite and even pinned Roman Reigns during the match, but that win didn’t count as the referee was knocked out. He would ultimately lose the match and would end up getting several nasty-looking chair shots to the back, and a new photo shared by Zayn reveals the brutal effects of those shots.

Zayn is looking in a mirror and you can see how scarred up his back is from the attack, and you can see those photos Above. Zayn would say in the after-event press conference that he was still a bit confused as to how he felt about it all. He was excited about the reception from the fans in Montreal and the WWE Universe overall, and he was also happy that they put on a great event, but he was also disappointed that the night didn’t deliver that storybook ending that he was hoping for.

While Zayn pinned Reigns, the referee wasn’t awake to count it, and then Reigns got some additional help from Jimmy Uso. Jey Uso would make an appearance but wouldn’t attack Zayn, and that caused Reigns to slap him a few times before he left the ring. You could even see that Jey wanted to hit Reigns with the chair, but that wouldn’t end up happening.

Later in the match, Kevin Owens would come out to help his former friend even the odds, but things weren’t completely great between Zayn and Owens, as Owens left the ring and headed backstage without really talking to Zayn. Zayn looked a little confused, and we’ll just have to wait and see what his next move will be after tonight.

There are now several intriguing threads, with the first being Zayn’s next move regarding Owens. Will we see him try and talk to Owens or just leave things alone until he needs him? Then there’s the Jey of it all, as we’re bound to see Reigns address Jey’s actions in the ring tonight on SmackDown soon. Also, Reigns was driven to his limit, and he’s going to want to make an example of some people to get some payback. Here are the full results from Elimination Chamber.



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