“I am Sad” – Goldberg reacts to his Legendary Former Partner’s Retirement Announcement.

“I am Sad” – Goldberg reacts to his Legendary Former Partner’s Retirement Announcement.

One of the saddest things in professional wrestling involves seeing legends retire, and one of Goldberg’s former partners is all set to call time on his career soon. The former WCW Champion recently sent out a heartfelt message to The Great Muta ahead of the latter’s retirement match. Keiji Muto, popularly known as The Great Muta, will wrestle in his final match on February 21, 2023. Pro Wrestling NOAH caught up with the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion for his thoughts on the Japanese veteran’s swan song.

Goldberg greatly admired The Great Muta as he looked up to the 60-year-old back when he was a massive name in the business. The former Universal Champion teamed up with Muta in Japanese company WRESTLE-1 for an event that happened nearly 20 years ago in 2003. As Goldberg and Muta shared a strong friendship outside the ring, the WWE Hall of Famer admitted that he was disheartened to see an iconic career come to an end, as you can view below:

“I wish you nothing but the best, my friend. The times we had together were very special to me, and I greatly appreciate your help in the business. I’m a fan. I am a peer. And ultimately, I am saddened about your retirement because all good things must come to an end.”

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“I tried to have a little bit of Great Muta in me every time I went out there”: WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg:

The Great Muta inspired a generation of wrestlers and many of his peers. This included Goldberg, who closely watched the former IWGP champion create a global fanbase due to his incredible performances in Japan. These matches led to him appearing for various companies in the United States as well.

The WCW legend “became a student” of Muta and took notes whenever the veteran wrestler performed during their brief time together. While Keiji Muto commanded great respect for his in-ring and character work, Bill Goldberg revealed that the pro wrestling pioneer was also a wonderful human being outside the realms of kayfabe:

“Wonderful man, a wonderful character, wonderful person to look up to in the business. Wonderful man, period, in or out of the business. I watched him from afar. I was a fan. I became a student in that; I watched him so close that I tried to have a little bit of Great Muta in me every time I went out there.”

Goldberg was grateful to have shared the squared circle with one of the most outstanding in-ring technicians of all time, and he had nothing but words of praise for his long-time companion. He added:

“To be able to watch him from afar was one thing, but being able to share the ring with him at one point in my career was an absolute honor and a privilege. I will never forget the tactician he is in the ring and the believability he brings to the character. He is The Great Muta, in and out of the ring.”

I am saddened" - Goldberg reacts to his legendary former partner's  retirement announcement

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