“I cannot Make everyone Happy” – Former WWE Star Lana Says Rusev Felt Uncomfortable with her Opening OnlyFans Account!

“I cannot Make everyone Happy” – Former WWE Star Lana Says Rusev Felt Uncomfortable with her Opening OnlyFans Account!

WWE was once the home of both CJ Perry (FKA Lana) and Miro (FKA Rusev), but both stars have since departed from the promotion. In a recent interview, Perry detailed how her husband wasn’t happy with her after she suggested an additional form of income.

Miro and CJ initially jointly debuted in WWE as a heel duo, where Perry acted as the former powerhouse’s manager and introduced him to the crowd. Rusev’s WWE run would eventually begin winding down, while Perry broke out as a wrestler herself. The two were last involved in a poorly received feud, where Perry “left” Miro for Bobby Lashley.

During her recent appearance on Renee Paquette’s The Sessions, CJ Perry recalled how Miro wasn’t happy when she suggested starting an OnlyFans account.

“CJ Perry.com, I mean – I think that kinda gives it all, I think that’s the difference of OnlyFans. Actually, nudity is not allowed on Brand Army. So, Miro didn’t really feel comfortable with me doing OnlyFans and Miro’s very traditional, and very like perception person, and I’m the opposite.” (50:15 onward).

The star continued, noting that she believed that they were missing out on a form of income by not having her on a subscription platform.

“I’m so used to being like stereotyped, like the wrestling-thing. And I have just kind of accepted that I cannot make everybody happy and love me. While with him, there’s a part of him that cares. But I think there was just a big part of money-making that we were missing out, so I’m really glad we found this compromise.” (51:08 onward).

Despite the disagreement, the couple seems to be going strong, especially since Miro is actively posting pictures of himself and CJ.

Miro believes his wife and former WWE Superstar CJ Perry’s AEW debut is a “no-brainer”:

While their solo WWE runs were not always well received, fans have often praised the pairing of Miro and CJ Perry. This made it unfortunate that the two didn’t have a final run together after The Redeemer was released from WWE. During an interview with What Culture Wrestling, Miro claimed that it would make sense for his wife to eventually make her AEW debut.

“I think me and CJ have always been money since the beginning. We’ve done this everywhere. I know that this always works. But in my mind, The Redeemer’s mind, his wife is always there. So, it’s a no-brainer for my gorgeous wife to join my team eventually,” Miro said. (H/T: Wrestle Zone)

Perry has stated that she’s open to returning to wrestling at some point, simply because she loves interacting with fans. Perhaps once The Redeemer captures another championship in AEW, his “gorgeous wife” could rejoin his side again?

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