WWE Star Braun Strowman Had a Horror crash involving two Trucks and a Boat! OMG Sad.

WWE Star Braun Strowman Had a Horror crash involving two Trucks and a Boat! OMG Sad.

FORMER WWE Universal champion Braun Strowman has thanked the Lord after surviving a terrifying road smash. The 38-year-old, real name Adam Scherr, revealed the news on Twitter as he shared a snap of a wrecked truck and boat from the collision he was involved with. He captioned it with: “Always count your blessings. Trucks and boats can be replaced.

“Everyone walked away from this ok. Thankful the lord was watching over us.” The powerhouse was surprisingly axed by Vince McMahon’s promotion after eight years with the company in June 2021. Scherr had been a big fan favorite and only the year previous to his release had won his first WWE Universal Title. That capped a dramatic rise for the “Monster Amongst Men” as he enjoyed battles with a host of big names.

That even includes WBC heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury, who knocked out Strowman at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia in October 2019. Now he is out of WWE, the giant has signed for Control Your Narrative – a wrestling promotion that was established by fellow WWE performer EC3. CYN has a number of shows in the pipeline for later thin a recent interview with Mike Jones of DC101 about CYN, he said: “Every day it grows and grows and grows.

“We’ve only had two shows so far. We’ve done two live shows and two of our televised episodes that were on YouTube, now on Pro Wrestling TV as ‘The Narrative One’ and then ‘The Narrative Two’ which is the one that features me in my first post-WWE match against EC3. “Love us, hate us, everybody’s talking about us. At the end of the day, that’s what you want.

“There’s so much competition out there, in the wrestling industry as a whole. If you really think about it, with all of the different federations, independently big, sponsored and this and that, there’s something wrestling involved on live television almost every day of the week. “There’s 40 million streaming services so it’s finding your niche and finding a place to fit in there’s month in the North Carolina area with the likes of Scherr, EC3, and Austin Aries advertised for the July 31 event.

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