Former WWE & Current AEW Star Saraya Shared a Shocking Post.

Former WWE & Current AEW Star Saraya Shared a Shocking Post.

After emailing her famous pals some “absurd” footage of her wearing “lipstick clutching on for dear life,” Saraya, then known as Paige, referred to herself as an absolute “menace.”

Saraya, an AEW star who previously went by the name Paige in the WWE, has dubbed herself a “menace” after posting a number of “absurd” post-surgery videos. After sending footage to numerous well-known acquaintances, the former NXT Women’s Champion posted on her Instagram story about how dangerous she was acting.

Professional wrestler Britt Baker, whom Saraya “blamed” for the tapes, and wrestling analyst and interviewer Renee Paquette were two of those well-known figures.

In a series of “absurd” videos she sent out, Saraya, who recently made her first match appearance on the AEW brand after missing five years due to a neck injury, poked fun of how her lipstick was “hanging on for dear life.”

Saraya took to her Instagram story to explain the wild day she had

The two-time Divas champion apparently woke up to many odd films sent to her friends before going straight in for “dental surgery to remove my wisdom teeth.”

Saraya stated in a story on her Instagram: “I arrived and immediately underwent dental surgery to have my wisdom teeth removed. I emailed an excessive number of films to @ronnieradke as soon as I woke up, and he was dying with laughter.

“Additionally, I accused @realbrittbaker for it in a message I wrote to @reneepaquette and my girlfriends’ group chat.

“Coming out of anaesthesia, I’m a MENACE. Still sporting all of the glam from the previous night, with only half of my lipstick remaining.”

The AEW star recently made her in-ring return after five years out with a neck injury

The time Saraya spent healing from a severe neck injury that prevented her from competing in ring matches for five years must seem insignificant in comparison to a trip to the dentist to have some wisdom teeth extracted.

The Daily Star previously covered Saraya’s recuperation journey, which luckily came to an end when she received the all-clear from medical specialists to return to the squared circle.

On Tony Khan’s AEW brand, the former WWE superstar made her first appearance in the ring in five years with a convincing victory. This month, Saraya was given the all-clear to wrestle with “no restrictions” on her participation in in-ring activity.

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